Safety On the Roadways: New Features and Old Tactics

Until someone perfects teleportation or replaces the roads with giant moving walkways, people will be bound to the need to drive. Whether it’s a commute to and from work, a short drive to the supermarket, or a long road trip, other drivers, undesirable weather conditions, and your own occasional bad call could potentially lead to a dangerous car accident that might result in personal injury, the need to replace parts on your car, and the need to repaint those parts. As we wait for the day when we no longer are bound to our metal bodied cars, the best thing we can do is to take advantage of the improved safety features in new cars and engage in defensive driving tactics. Continue reading


Changes To Kia That Has Helped Them Capture More Market Share

With recent trends in European car sales going down, some top car manufacturers have gone back to the drawing board. The Kia brand has managed to record an increase in market share despite the downward trend in the industry. One of the main reasons why can be attributed to changes in production levels. Continue reading

What Is “Infotainment” In Cars

What is “Infotainment” in Cars?

Smartphones and portable technology like tablets and slim notebooks mean that we are now almost permanently connected. At first it was the ability to constantly make and receive calls, and then slowly email crept in, and now we expect to be able to search the internet, update social networks, do work and even watch TV while on the go. Continue reading

Auto Glass

I have been an auto glass installer for 35 years and have seen a lot of changes in the auto glass and the insurance industries over the years. Gone are the days of someone with basic mechanical skills being able to install a windshield under the shade tree in their backyard. Auto glass installations in vehicles during the 70s were done with butyl tape kits or rubber gaskets. Today, installers use urethane and primers that are manufactured and tested to meet federal and industry standards. Continue reading