Safety On the Roadways: New Features and Old Tactics

Until someone perfects teleportation or replaces the roads with giant moving walkways, people will be bound to the need to drive. Whether it’s a commute to and from work, a short drive to the supermarket, or a long road trip, other drivers, undesirable weather conditions, and your own occasional bad call could potentially lead to a dangerous car accident that might result in personal injury, the need to replace parts on your car, and the need to repaint those parts. As we wait for the day when we no longer are bound to our metal bodied cars, the best thing we can do is to take advantage of the improved safety features in new cars and engage in defensive driving tactics. Continue reading


Hyundai Innovations


What innovations has Hyundai made to their cars in the last 3 or 4 years that has given them so much momentum in the industry?

Owning a new or used vehicle requires a significant investment from car owners. Finding the right car can be a difficult process. It helps to purchase a car from a company you know you can trust and appreciate. Hyundai Motor’s has a solid reputation for safety and providing affordable cars to their customers. Over the past three to four years, Hyundai has grown rapidly. Their large sales can be attributed to a number of things including the following. Continue reading

What Is “Infotainment” In Cars

What is “Infotainment” in Cars?

Smartphones and portable technology like tablets and slim notebooks mean that we are now almost permanently connected. At first it was the ability to constantly make and receive calls, and then slowly email crept in, and now we expect to be able to search the internet, update social networks, do work and even watch TV while on the go. Continue reading

The Importance Of Winter Tyres For Your Car

In Europe it’s a legal requirement in most countries for your car to be equipped with winter tyres throughout the colder months. This is to help try and cut down the number of accidents on the roads, and make sure that altogether you are able to have a very safe and secure trip. It’s not like that here in the UK, but if you are faced with tough, snowy winter conditions it might be worth having a look at the type of tyres that you have on your car. Continue reading

A Timeline Of The Humble Automobile

In 21st century life, the car is just one of a long list of things that we take for granted. The fact is that, although we are starting to realise the impact they can have on our planet, things would be very different without cars. It remains as one of the best and most important inventions ever and has come a long way since its original introduction as a commercial vehicle in the 1800’s. Continue reading

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Have a Car Camera

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Have a Car Camera.

1.  Prove the other driver is at fault.

These days many drivers who are the cause of a road accident will simply lie to the police and any other authority in order to avoid paying the penalty.  Whether the penalty is losing the claim or ultimately facing a fine or worse – the guilty party will do anything to avoid the consequences.  With an in car video camera recording the incident in fine detail, their lies are exposed and the case is closed. Continue reading

Things That Influence the Price of Car Insurance

When looking for car insurance it is not uncommon to want to go for the cheapest car insurance possible and it is also something that is very doable as well. However, the main thing that you want to keep in mind when looking to take the cheap route is what is included in the coverage. Anyone can get cheap car insurance yet what they have covered on their car is going to vary. This article is going to explain how one can obtain affordable automobile insurance and still have all of the things they need included in their plan as well. Continue reading