Windshield Chip Repair


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Do you need to have a windshield chip repair but don’t have the time to take it to a shop?

I’m now offering a mobile chip repair service to repair your car’s windshield chip at home or work for only $50. If you have a chip in your windshield and you’re in the Lawrence, KS. area, give me a call so we can take care of your chip before it spreads.

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windshield chip repair

How does a windshield chip repair work?

First, a small drill is used to open up the crack so it can be repaired. Once it’s open, a repair fixture is attached to the windshield with suction cups and air is removed from the crack. Then resin is added and the fixture is pressurized to allow the resin to enter the crack. A UV light or sunlight then cures the resin to harden it and keep the crack from spreading.

How long does a windshield chip repair take?

Depending on the type of crack, a repair can take a few minutes to a half and hour.

Is there anything else that I need to do after the repair?

No. Once the repair is completed the windshield is back to normal you are able to drive the car right away.

How long does a chip repair last?

The windshield chip repair is a permanent fix and the damage won’t crack further. The repair will last forever without any additional care.

Does the windshield chip disappear?

You will still see the initial impact point of the rock. In most cases the dark shadow around the chip will completely disappear.  Here is an image of what you can expect for most repairs.

windshield chip repair

Do you have more examples?

Yes, here are more before and after images of chips I’ve repaired:

How long have you been doing repairs?

I’ve been an auto glass technician for over 30 years and started doing windshield chip repairs around 1992. I use an AEGIS® chip repair system that is considered one of the best in the business.

So, if you need a windshield chip repair,

Call or text Jim at: 785-393-3424



5 Problems You Might See With a Windshield Replacment and How To Solve Them

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1. Broken Seal

Sometimes, due to a variety of reasons ranging from bad glue to weather conditions, the adhesive meant to keep your windshield in place can give way even just slightly in some places. This generally will show up as a whistling or rattling noise. There will always be some amount of higher noise levels, but if you think there is a problem call back your installer. Most installers should fix the problem without any extra charges. Continue reading

Vehicle Safety is Number 1

Vehicle Safety is Number 1
Article on GZone Auto Glass

The windshield of a car is one of the most important safety devices for the passengers. So, just like a vehicle is equipped with airbags, that act as shock absorbers in the case of a collision and seat belts that help the inmates of a vehicle to be buckled in safely. Similarly, windshields also play a vital role in the safety of the driver and passengers. It is to be noted that a damaged or cracked windshield must be repaired at the earliest to ensure that passengers are safe… [Read More]

How to Protect Auto Glass and Avoid a Windshield Replacement in Winter

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Winter is a tough time, not just for the farming folk but also for urban dwellers, what with the many problems it brings for cars. Winter usually sees businesses in vehicle repair, such as auto glass repair businesses and car repair shops, getting an abrupt increase in the number of customers for windshield replacement jobs […]

You have a broken windshield, what should you do?

So, you’re driving down the road, maybe listening to a little Steely Dan–guess that shows my age doesn’t it?–and suddenly a rock flies up from nowhere and hits your windshield! Jeez, it scares the hell out of you! Ok, no big deal, that’s what insurance is for, right? So let’s go through the steps of what to do next. Continue reading

Auto Glass

I have been an auto glass installer for 35 years and have seen a lot of changes in the auto glass and the insurance industries over the years. Gone are the days of someone with basic mechanical skills being able to install a windshield under the shade tree in their backyard. Auto glass installations in vehicles during the 70s were done with butyl tape kits or rubber gaskets. Today, installers use urethane and primers that are manufactured and tested to meet federal and industry standards. Continue reading

Windshield Repair

If you have a small crack in your windshield you should get it repaired before it spreads and you have to get a new windshield. Here is how a windshield repair works and what you can expect.

First, let’s take a look at the crack we will be repairing. See the dark area of the crack? That is the area that we will be repairing. We will fill it with a special clear polymer and then harden it to stop it from spreading. I use a small drill with a glass bit to open up the crack. That will allow me to vacuum the air out of the crack and allow the polymer to fill up the void where the air was.

Windshield Repair before Continue reading