Windshield Chip Repair


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Do you need to have a windshield chip repair but don’t have the time to take it to a shop?

I’m now offering a mobile chip repair service to repair your car’s windshield chip at home or work for only $50. If you have a chip in your windshield and you’re in the Lawrence, KS. area, give me a call so we can take care of your chip before it spreads.

Call or text Jim at: 785-393-3424


windshield chip repair

How does a windshield chip repair work?

First, a small drill is used to open up the crack so it can be repaired. Once it’s open, a repair fixture is attached to the windshield with suction cups and air is removed from the crack. Then resin is added and the fixture is pressurized to allow the resin to enter the crack. A UV light or sunlight then cures the resin to harden it and keep the crack from spreading.

How long does a windshield chip repair take?

Depending on the type of crack, a repair can take a few minutes to a half and hour.

Is there anything else that I need to do after the repair?

No. Once the repair is completed the windshield is back to normal you are able to drive the car right away.

How long does a chip repair last?

The windshield chip repair is a permanent fix and the damage won’t crack further. The repair will last forever without any additional care.

Does the windshield chip disappear?

You will still see the initial impact point of the rock. In most cases the dark shadow around the chip will completely disappear.  Here is an image of what you can expect for most repairs.

windshield chip repair

Do you have more examples?

Yes, here are more before and after images of chips I’ve repaired:

How long have you been doing repairs?

I’ve been an auto glass technician for over 30 years and started doing windshield chip repairs around 1992. I use an AEGIS® chip repair system that is considered one of the best in the business.

So, if you need a windshield chip repair,

Call or text Jim at: 785-393-3424



AGSC Latest

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AGSC Members Gather to Learn the Latest at Auto Glass Week™

October 29, 2015

Jean Pero, Penny Ouellette, Dale Malcolm and Bob Beranek update AGSC members on the validation process.

Jean Pero, Penny Ouellette, Dale Malcolm and Bob Beranek update AGSC members on the validation process.

The Auto Glass Safety Council™ (AGSC) held its annual member meeting just prior to Auto Glass Week™ 2015 providing several updates, including ones from the education, credentialing and marketing committees.


During the education committee update, chair Jeff Olive, training manager for Glasspro in North Charleston, S.C., said the new testing site for the AGSC certified technician exam is in full operation. Technicians can now take the test up to three times without additional fees if they don’t pass on the first try.

“We are also adding questions to our item bank,” he said. “Our goal is to reach 1,000 questions that will rotate randomly through the certification test.”

AGSC’s education committee had held a marathon eight-hour meeting the day prior that was dedicated to updating the industry’s replacement-certification program by going tenaciously through a data bank of exam questions and answers.

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5 Problems You Might See With a Windshield Replacment and How To Solve Them

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1. Broken Seal

Sometimes, due to a variety of reasons ranging from bad glue to weather conditions, the adhesive meant to keep your windshield in place can give way even just slightly in some places. This generally will show up as a whistling or rattling noise. There will always be some amount of higher noise levels, but if you think there is a problem call back your installer. Most installers should fix the problem without any extra charges. Continue reading

What Are Car Wind Deflectors And Why Do I Need Them?

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What are wind deflectors?

Driving with your window down in rain or at higher speeds can cause discomfort inside a car with both wind noise and spray affecting you and your passengers. Wind Deflectors work by simply deflecting rain and wind away from your car windows making the interior a much more comfortable environment. Continue reading

How Windscreens Are Made

We all have seen videos of auto production lines before. Men and women welding on parts, machines doing a lot of the heavy lifting, tyres being fitted and balanced, and cars rolling off the assembly line and onto the double decker transports. Still, some things remain a mystery. Like how a car windscreen is made. Here’s a step by step guide. Continue reading


5 Tips For Washing You Car Windows

Do you want to make your car look clean and new? The secret is cleaning it regularly, especially the car windows. Dirty and dusty car windows can be nasty. They can even make things look hazy on the outside. So aside from being a not so good sight, dirty windows can also be a risk when travelling. Continue reading

Kinds of Auto Window Repair

Funk Auto Repair

Given the visibility of the car windows. auto window repair is one of the easiest car problems to recognize. Though windows are remarkably simple in relation to other vehicle parts. they may be topic to many different diverse repairs. Master in regards to the most typical types of auto window repair along with the processes that go into fixing them.

Chipped Window Repair

The most typical problem that impacts auto glass is a chipped windshield. If road debris about the highway has been kicked up into your windshield. then a tiny crack can happen. If such is the situation. then it is crucial to get the glass chip taken care of the moment attainable. Delaying a repair may give the crack time for you to expand. which will ultimately result in a a lot more pricey repair.

If the crack is smaller sufficient. then a technician may have the capacity…

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