Hyundai Innovations


What innovations has Hyundai made to their cars in the last 3 or 4 years that has given them so much momentum in the industry?

Owning a new or used vehicle requires a significant investment from car owners. Finding the right car can be a difficult process. It helps to purchase a car from a company you know you can trust and appreciate. Hyundai Motor’s has a solid reputation for safety and providing affordable cars to their customers. Over the past three to four years, Hyundai has grown rapidly. Their large sales can be attributed to a number of things including the following. Continue reading


Exterior Car Accessories

The best accessories for your car’s exterior

In the modern age of cars, there are a huge amount of accessories available for us to choose from, some of them functional, some of them cute, some of them weird and wacky. Lots of the items we can buy for our car are focussed on the interior such as car mats, seat covers, even fuzzy dice, however in this article I am going to focus on the accessories designed for the outside of your car, which are undoubtedly seen by many more people than see the ornament on your dashboard or your cute car mats. Continue reading

Buying a Used Car Or New Car

Used Car or New Car?

To buy a used or a new car – which is the best? It mainly depends on your budget. If you can afford it, by all means go for a new car. Many people decide to buy a used car just because there are certain advantages over a new one. Both have their own very different advantages and disadvantages though, it is up to you to decide which is right for you and your budget. Continue reading

Cars That Drive Themselves – It’s Not Science Fiction

In this modern age, many people still think that driverless cars, otherwise called autonomous cars, robotic cars, or self-driving cars, only exist in science fiction movies. Although that may hold true in some ways, many may not realise that many cars are already fitted with automated car control systems. Let’s delve down into these systems below: Continue reading

5 Problems You Might See With a Windshield Replacment and How To Solve Them

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1. Broken Seal

Sometimes, due to a variety of reasons ranging from bad glue to weather conditions, the adhesive meant to keep your windshield in place can give way even just slightly in some places. This generally will show up as a whistling or rattling noise. There will always be some amount of higher noise levels, but if you think there is a problem call back your installer. Most installers should fix the problem without any extra charges. Continue reading

Changes To Kia That Has Helped Them Capture More Market Share

With recent trends in European car sales going down, some top car manufacturers have gone back to the drawing board. The Kia brand has managed to record an increase in market share despite the downward trend in the industry. One of the main reasons why can be attributed to changes in production levels. Continue reading

What Is “Infotainment” In Cars

What is “Infotainment” in Cars?

Smartphones and portable technology like tablets and slim notebooks mean that we are now almost permanently connected. At first it was the ability to constantly make and receive calls, and then slowly email crept in, and now we expect to be able to search the internet, update social networks, do work and even watch TV while on the go. Continue reading