Reset Window Motor on Prius

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Reset (initialize) Power Window Regulator Motor

Resetting the power window motor is necessary when the battery terminal is disconnected; when the power window master switch, window motor, wire harness, or window regulator is replaced or removed. Otherwise the Auto operation function, Jam function, and remote operation function will not work.
Here are the steps:

A. Turn the ignition switch ON.
B. Halfway open the power window by pressing the power window switch.
C. Fully pull up the switch until the window is full closed and continue to hold the switch for approximately 1 second after the window is fully closed.
D. Check that the Auto Up/Down function operates normally.
If not operating normally, follow these steps.
1. Disconnect the negative battery terminal for 10 seconds.
2. Connect the battery terminal.
3. Follow steps A-D above


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