Eight Facts & Tips About Auto Glass Repair

Eight Facts and Tips About Auto Glass Repair
by Jessica on Chiprang.com

Auto glass repair doesn’t have to be a big deal, but it’s still important to make sure you hire someone who is experienced and reliable. Here are eight facts and tips about auto glass repair that can help you understand the process…[Read More]


Vehicle Safety is Number 1

Vehicle Safety is Number 1
Article on GZone Auto Glass

The windshield of a car is one of the most important safety devices for the passengers. So, just like a vehicle is equipped with airbags, that act as shock absorbers in the case of a collision and seat belts that help the inmates of a vehicle to be buckled in safely. Similarly, windshields also play a vital role in the safety of the driver and passengers. It is to be noted that a damaged or cracked windshield must be repaired at the earliest to ensure that passengers are safe… [Read More]

Reset Window Motor on Prius

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Reset (initialize) Power Window Regulator Motor

Resetting the power window motor is necessary when the battery terminal is disconnected; when the power window master switch, window motor, wire harness, or window regulator is replaced or removed. Otherwise the Auto operation function, Jam function, and remote operation function will not work.
Here are the steps: Continue reading

Car Accidents 101: What To Do After a Wreck

Auto accidents are incredibly stressful. No one enjoys their vehicle colliding with another, whether it’s a parking lot paint scratcher or a high speed head on collision. Tempers rise and voices follow suit. Lights flash from impatient vehicles caught behind, police and ambulances arriving and tow trucks being called. Even minor collisions can injure someone, and it’s possible you have to deal with everything while in pain. Who should you call? What should you say? Continue reading